• Strong Families

    Family’s intent on giving their children the hope of a better tomorrow, the promise of a safe and secure today, and an appreciation and respect of yesterday.

  • Limited Government

    A government that promotes policies to unlock individual potential and unleash economic growth. Government that does not try to be all things to all people.

  • Principled, Innovative Leadership

    Principled leaders with an understanding of Texas’ heritage and a clear vision for Texas’ future. Leadership that is unwavering in the face of criticism, steadfast when confronted with adversity, and committed to building a better State.

  • Opportunity for All

    The opportunity to chart one’s own course start a business, chase a dream, or build a life regardless of gender, race, or religion.

  • Quality Education

    An educational system that prepares children for tomorrow’s workplace regardless of race, wealth or geographical location. Education is the bedrock of freedom and the gateway to opportunity.

  • Personal Responsibility

    Individuals taking personal responsibility for their own actions and a criminal justice system based on this idea. With freedom comes responsibility.

  • Freedom

    Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding Fathers, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and protected by the Constitution.

  • Rugged Individualism

    The entrepreneurial spirit of the individual that continues to solidify Texas as a world economic power.

  • US Constitution

    The US constitution means exactly what it says. There is an orderly process for amending it. Wishing or interpreting it to mean something different than what it says is neither acceptable nor equivalent to the amendment process.